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In earlier times when a PC covered a large company or house size. You can imagine how much it will consume electricity. We all know that the continuous running of a machine will make it heat up. To reduce this heating up there are several ways but proper exhausting is one of the superb ones. This is only possible because the fan will kick out existing heat stroke and pull in fresh air from outside.

However, in supercomputers, you will find 3 or more fans working at the same time. SpeedFan is a useful tool that lets you control hardware through ruling CPU fans. It is a hardware monitoring and controlling utility that will collect info in detail. It covers temperatures, fans, voltages, speeds, events and logs.

Top Features of SpeedFan:

It lets you find the problematic area of the CPU e.g. processor, main chip, GPU card, power supply and more. Generally, the fans are commanded to run on temperature but in some PCs, fans are running on max speed. So there is no option to control the speed of the fan via internal CPU command.

SpeedFan Screenshot

If you look carefully at the above screenshot it covers brief info about the tool. In simple words, you can select a target fan (in case of multiple fans) and control the fan speed. There are multiple methods of controlling the fan e.g. MAX of speeds.

In the end, you will find SpeedFan as a portable tool, especially for gamers who are running their PCs the whole night. So they can check the temperature of the CPU, hard disk and cores. In conclusion, it is an outclass tool for getting detailed info on hardware parts of the CPU.

Latest Version: SpeedFan
Setup Size: 2.94 MB
File Title: speedfan452.exe
OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Developer’s: HomePage / More