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If you have a large amount of hard drive then it is difficult for you to fill it with data. People asking how to transfer data at a faster speed for the sake of saving time. The default Windows file manager is a cancer that wastes user time. Many of us are using 2 or more SSD/HDD in desktop computers for business or personal purposes.

Supercopier is an intelligent data copying utility that is faster than OS default. In my opinion, a Supercopier is a gift for shopkeepers and repair shops because they can transfer drivers, programs and OS files in minutes. Previously, we needed hours to perform this operation e.g. copying or moving files.

The Latest Features of Supercopier:

Thus we have a new technique that is optimized for performance. As we know that times are going so no one is trying to wait. This tool especially saves your time as well as electricity.

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The interface is really clear and clean where you can find few options only. It demands to first choose the input directory that needs to be copied or moved. Then you need to select the output folder where it places the target file. All the operations will take time depending on the size and type of data. If your computer has an antivirus, then it will scan each file before transfer so it will cost more time.

If you are transferring software or games with most of .exe files then you should pause antivirus protection for fast transfer. However, it is a good technique to copy or move large size of files in seconds.

Latest Version: Supercopier
Setup Size: 15 MB / 16 MB
File Title: ultracopier-windows-x86_64- / ultracopier-windows-x86-
OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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