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UC Browser Mini

UC Browser Mini Logo

If you look into web browsing terms, you will find dozens of tools that will assist you. Some of them are cross platform but few of them are just available for specific devices. However, each of the tools has its own functions and features. No doubt, Google Chrome is leading the market because it gives ultimate control over websites. UC Browser Mini is also an extra fast tool that gives you speed, accuracy and perfection.

More details about UC Browser Mini:

The browser has a list of utilities that are necessary for everyone. For example, if you’re looking for a light and fast browser than it’s best one than competitors. That’s why it’s the choice of thousands of android lovers who are recommending it. Although, as most android phones are setting Chrome as default browser but still there are some people who got rid of it.

They need something fresh, extra fast and easier web browser. UC is one of the explorers that gives you access to social media, video streaming, search engines, email management, student portal and more. Even you can download content with 10x faster speed than others. It doesn’t matter which type of file you’re looking for because it allows you ultimate control over websites like in PC.

UC Browser Mini Screenshot


Though, there is a big list of features that are available in UC but few of them are incredible. You can say speedy downloads, fast search, browse in incognito mode, multiple tabs, design your homepage, quick dials, bookmarks and more. So it’s hard to mention all of them here because it needs thousands of words and a long time. So we only include few of them here.


Advertisement is a big problem for searchers because this will make a browser slower. So it will consume more data than a normal website. If you’ve ad-blocker then you can load heavy websites in seconds. This will be easy for UC because it will bypass tons of ads and load the target content in milliseconds.  

Incognito Mode:

This mode allows you to sign in to 2 Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo or any other accounts. Just sign in the first account in normal mode and then open another window with incognito mode. This mode will never save your history, cookies and logins data. So it is a more secure, effective and advanced way of anonymous browsing.

Technical File Particulars:

Latest Version: UC Mini
Setup Size: 46.5 MB
File Title: uc.mini.apk
OS: Android OS 4.2 or above
Developer’s: Find on Playstore / More

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