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Windows 10 Manager

Windows 10 Manager Logo

Every program has a manager that we should use to turn on / off functions, perform target task efficiently and organize the overall features. It means OS is a software which also needs an manager to offer control and flexibility features to the operator. In short, usually control panel or settings are the default management programs in Microsoft Windows. But there are many options that you can’t use through control panel. Windows 10 Manager is smart tool that gives ultimate control to the functions and configurations.

The utility is not released by the same developer but it has collection of tools inside one tool. You can call it all in one program to deal with different options of win 10. For example, you can open task manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL key combination but you can open it with one click through using this manager. However, if you take a look over the layout in below screen where everything is at perfect place.

Windows 10 Manager Screenshot

In short, you can speed up your PC with turning off irrelevant options, developer features and advance things that are not related to you. Meanwhile, it gives customization option to configure things with saving a lot of time. Normally, you will use individual tools to do specific options that is time taking operation.

Meanwhile, it gives enough tools to boost PC performance in few seconds. Finally, Windows 10 is advance and latest OS that means every user is not aware from it’s functions. This tool makes everything simple and easy for you under a single hub. Thus, we should use this tool to control options with this software.

Latest Version: Windows 10 Manager
Setup Size: 29.4 MB / 16 MB
File Title: windows10manager.exe / windows10manager_portable.zip
OS: Windows 10
Developer’s: HomePage / More